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How to start a lashes business, choose vendor, costs&things to know

As old saying, well begun is half done. The first thing that I”ll be covering [...]

How to find a false lashes supplier in China

1. First, Use an App to view their website on a laptop or mobile, Ipad. What’s that is easy for you. Like to go to Google/Amazon. 2. Go to their pages, click search bars and click the lash you want, like “false eyelashes, synthetic lashes or 25mm mink lashes. You can get whatever you can like literally here. 3.There are a whole bunch of suppliers on like the first pape or like the first five or ten suppliers, choose the one you like and start to view the full page.  . Read about it how to get samples with your budget. And whether it can customize your lash packaging.A Check whether they have coupons, too. So you can get a super good price from it. [...]

How to buy private label eyelashes from a lashes supplier?

Home Wanna make your own exotic brand of false eyelash? Get your custom mink eyelash [...]