8 Types of False Lashes a Beauty Babe Should Know!

8 Types of False Lashes a Beauty Babe Should Know!

Not everyone can apply false lashes properly, but all of us we love them. For those who can’t apply them, my advice is to try again and again and prefer for the first time uses to apply the half lashes type, which is easier to apply and not the full strip lashes. In the beauty market, you can find lashes and lashes… but do you know what lashes are the best for you? Keep reading to be prepared for the next lashes shopping time.


Beginners are able to mix and match the lengths and create the volume that they want or fill any gap (if they have). Go natural or go drama, both are achievable!

For a dramatic effect, choose strip lashes, but the effect might be a little bit artificial. My advice? Consider first the occasion and then apply those lashes.

If you want to achieve a more romantic look without too much drama, consider purchasing the half lashes, besides it’s easier to apply than the full strip.

If you want more volume or length on your bottom lashes wear those little creations, but be careful because they might look a little bit more artificial than you want. Except if you want to achieve a more rock – drama look, which means they are a must for your look!

Full volume lashes are suitable for parties, weddings, photo shooting and special events that you don’t mind to go a bit more glamorous – dramatic.

Natural and bold at the same time, those lashes are created for the beauty babes that they want to achieve the winged effect either you’re going for the red carpet or for a chill out drink.

The new must-have! Bold, dramatic and more natural. Yes, those features can be combined quite nice together! As you can see, those lashes are not in a straight line; some of them are more curled and some other less, which makes them look more like our natural eyelashes. Consider being in the shopping cart of your next purchase.

If you want more volume but not the drama effect, choose a full strip of real human hairs.

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