7 Tips on How to Get Longer Eyelashes?

7 Tips on How to Get Longer Eyelashes?

Hi, beauties! Happy October. Today I am going to share with you some tips about how to get longer eyelashes.

Eyes are the window displaying your spiritual outlook in the audience, do you want to be eye-catching to get more attractions while standing in the crowd?

And people will recognize and take you into the brain for the first impression, so the sparkling and bright eyes can play an important role in the people connection activities.

Longer eyelashes can enlarge your eyes to be refreshing and spirited, making you much more confident. Here are some tips about how to get longer eyelashes.

Wear false eyelashes

wear false eyelashes

The easiest way for you to get longer eyelashes is to wear false eyelashes, and you can read this blog to know how to wear false eyelashes.

You don’t need to do any complicated work on making your lashes grow, and it’s also very difficult to grow your eyelashes to be much longer than before, maybe you can try the lash sperm. So take it easy and try to put on the false lashes.

Here are many types of fake eyelashes on the market, such as mink lashes, faux lashes, silk lashes, vegan hemp lashes, and so on, so why not try to wear false lashes to get longer eyelashes? Quick, easy, and safe!

Remove your false eyelashes carefully

remove fake lashes

It’s also basically important to remove your false eyelashes carefully in the right way, wearing false lashes is the strategy to make your lashes longer and fluffier, but please be careful while you remove your eyelashes.

Don’t be rude while peeling off your false eyelashes from your eyelids, avoiding hurt your eyelashes. Here you can get a guide about how to remove your fake lashes. Be gentle, be patient, and be careful, to avoid stretching off your real eyelashes.

Keep and protect your real eyelashes, you will find that wearing false eyelashes can enlarge your eyes with the double effect.

Try individual lash extension

lash extension

If you want to have longer eyelashes for a long time, up to several months, or it’s much more difficult for you to wear falsies, here you can try the lash extensions.

Lash extensions are different in lengths, curls, thickness, and colors, it’s also flexible for you to try lash extensions based on your lash conditions. And having lash extension is also the strong way to you to have longer lashes with the quick speed, and you don’t need to apply fake eyelashes everyday.

Lash extensions can be much more natural, like your own real lashes. You can go to the beauty salon to choose the lash extensions right on you, and the lash tech artists will do the lash extensions for you.

Try lash lift

lash lift

Here is also another treatment for making your eyelashes longer, which is a lash lift. You can use the lash lift to curl your lashes from your lash root to your lash tip, helping you get natural-looking eyelashes.

You can go to ask the lash specialist to recommend what lash lift you can use and how to use it, and you can get various lash styles too. Of course, you can do DIY at home too.

 Choose lash mascara

lash mascara

Yepp, lash mascara is also the secret weapon making your eyelashes look much longer, and you can apply the lash mascara to your real lashes, and then apply false eyelashes.

Apply the qualified mascara to make your eyelashes much more fluffy with thick volume, and the natural black mascara will change your eyelashes to be much longer and bushy than before.

By the way, please try the lash mascara with high quality, focusing on the mascara liquid texture, to avoiding making your eyelashes like the fly legs lying on your eyes. Yikes, fly leg lashes are really strange and wired, so please be cautious while you choose the mascara.

Fill sparse lashes

fill sparse lashes

Here is the hack to make your lashes full by filling your sparse lashes, by using lash extensions, and you can only fill the part without full lashes, in this way can make your lashes look full and fluffy.

Also, you can cut your false lash strips into pieces, and stick the lash strips to the place without many lashes. You can use the scissor to cut your false lashes into pieces, such as bottom lashes, upper lashes, and stick these part lashes into the gap without many lashes.

Tint lashes

tint lashes

Your lashes will look thinner and shorter if with a very light color, here we can try to tint lashes making them look darker. You can tint your lashes using some chemicals, and please match your lash color with your eyebrow. color.

You can go to the beauty salon or lash tinting place to tink your lashes, and the color needs to match your eyebrows. You can choose the shade by looking closer to your hair shade and eyebrow shade.

Darker lashes can look much longer and fuller than the grey lashes, so why not have a try.

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