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What do I do for work? From Nov, 14th, 2022 to Nov, 18th, 2022. 5 workday.
  1. Help our Slovenia customers make a separate batch shipment of 10,000pcs eyelash serum tubes. 1 batch via DHL# Another batch by Air. I am pretty happy that she is satisfied with our lead time. What’s more, she sent a new inquiry about lipstick container/eyeshadow palette to us. (We’d like to post some images for review)
cosmetic lash serum tube packaging

2. Help our American customers to catch the lead time within 3 days, and ship it out by official UPS within 1-3days. She is too busy to process all things and forgets to make a repeat order in time.

Cosmetic lash serum tube packaging

3. Arrange a 120,000pcs lipstick container to ship out by Sea. To be honest, it was delayed as usual. On one hand, The customer change the artwork 3 times to get a nice final design. On the other hand, the design really looks amazing. However, it’s very difficult to do a hot stamp perfectly in mass production. Finally, it smoothly ships a half batch and another batch will ship out on Nov, 23th, 2022.

cosmetic lip tubes packaging vendor

What do I do on weekend? Nov, 19th to Nov, 20th, 2023.

  1. Take my young son to do A+C MCV. After that, My kids start to do homework.
  2. Teach my old son to cook. It’s a task for homework and skills for lift.
  3. Take exercise, Jump rope, Squat, split steps.
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Life is full of surprises. Be grateful for a fun time.

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