How do I deal with a magnetic eyelash at the end of my eye?

1.First cut the false eyelashes to a suitable length according to the length of your eyeliner.
2.If you are a novice, it is recommended to draw the eyeliner thicker, it will be stickier.
3.Before use, gently rub the roots of false eyelashes to soften them.
4.When you paste false eyelashes, paste the middle part of the eyelashes first, and then paste it at the end and corner of the eye. After pasting, adjust the angle by hand.

I used it once and I put two layers of magnetic eyeliner just to make sure.

I tried it at home once to see if they stay on, and it sure did and pretty much 6-7 hours and I just took it off because I was going to sleep.

Just make sure you clean the eyelashes with q-tips and alcohol because when you take your eyelashes out you will see the eyeliner on the magnetic eyelashes and it needs to be cleaned up before the next use. Hope this helps you.

I don’t think that you will be able to see them.

You put on black “eyeliner” that is magnetic. So, that makes it just look like you are wearing eyeliner.

These were a lot easier to use than the store-bought ones that only had 3 magnets, these also didn’t have to go on while the eyeliner was still wet, so that helped a lot.

Also, the eyelashes don’t look huge and fake when on, they are quite wispy, so you will want to try the different ones to achieve the look you are going for.

I was afraid that I would look weird with giant lashes, but when they were on, they weren’t that noticeable.

They are beautiful and easy to use otherwise.

Congrats and hope you have a beautiful day!!!

The magnetic eyelashes are made of artificial fiber, not an animal product.

There are 8 pairs included in the packet and they are all at different lengths.

starting st short to extra-long. but not abnormally long.

I have tried all the different lengths and absolutely loved everyone. they all looked very natural.

Very easy to use, very easy to remove.( Feedback from our customer) The negative is the liner itself is hard to remove from the eyelids.

Other than that great for beginners. First time ever wearing them. Stay on all day.

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