How to start a lashes business, choose vendor, costs&things to know

As old saying, well begun is half done. The first thing that I”ll be covering that a lot of you wants to know how much did I spend on the products that purchased and what was my turnaround time as far as getting my money back.

You will resell it and rebrand it at your own price and how we make a profit that’s from it. First, let’s clarify what we should purchase?

  1. Middle’s to pack your lashes safe, you can purchase it from Amazone. You can click here.
  1. Labels with your own information, like your name and where to find you, website, ins), you can customize it.
  2. Sampling the items and choose them. Like samples here.

How to get your money back, depend on several things.1, how you promote your items? 2.What type of audience you are going for and what you sell?

Somebody wondering where to get the vendor and Go ahead to Instagram app and search it with hastags on the account. Follow 3 points you want to know.

  1. Learn about the post video and pictures they send. Like15mm lashes25mm lashes, 3D lashes, and 5D lashes? Make a screenshot to inquiry them.
  2. Asking how long will you get the lashes after order? What packaging they have?
  3. How long does it take after shipping? Get their website, whatsapp, email, or WeChat.
  4. What’s the method they will use? DHL/UPS/ FedEx or any solution.

Will they allow samples and packaging?And how much will they cost, asking them and make your decision. Let’s review our lashes with packaging.

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