How to create private label brands’ makeup packaging?

Most of the brands will create private mold for personal design. However, do you know the steps before the factory create molds for you? 

Let’s learn from it below.

Custom Private Mold for makeup packaging

Next, let’s review 2D/3D drawing and 3D prototype. It based on your fantasy ideas and samples from other brands.

Customs private label brand makeup packaging
Customs private label brand makeup packaging

Start from an fresh idea-2D drawing-3D drawing- 3D prototype- Get approval to build new tooling- produce the real products.

If you do fast, it will take 7-10days from a idea to 3D prototype. And 25-35days from new tooling to samples, and 15-25days from real samples to bulk order.

Well, have a short look at the workshop.

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