The Makeup Trends Of 2022 Spring&Summer

Actually, the spring of 2022 will be far away from us soon. The biggest makeup trends of 2022 for spring, you may miss or not.

Makeup New Trends of 2022

First, we saw the early hints of neon on the spring/summer runways (Versace’s racing stripes, hot pink shadow at Prabal Gurung), but when Euphoria returned to HBO for its second season, the proverbial beauty groundhog saw his shadow, declaring a season of sparkles, blush, and metallics for all.

Makeup artist Allan Avendaño is feeling it, too—and he’s breaking down the best 2022 makeup trends that he’s created on clients like Vanessa Hudgens, Jodie Turner-Smith, and Rachel Zegler. Save for your mood boards.

Metallic Makeup

From this part, we know liquid metallic eyeshadow, Metallic luster, Metal Pencil help Allan create an amazing look there.

“Metallics are going to be huge year-round. Brands have developed some gag-worthy metallic products that really amp up your look without you having to be a pro. For example, Danessa Myricks Twin Flames Liquid Eyeshadow and Infinite Chrome Flakes have such impact with the ease of just tapping it on your lids and letting it dry.”



“A lot of my clients want to look alive while running errands or seeing friends but don’t want something fussy. The usual colors you’ll find in Spring colors palettes [will] become prominent again—peach, coral, pink, soft terracotta, and sheer reds. One way to create easy monochromatic looks is to use the same product on eyes, cheeks, and lips. For example, the INC.redible Three Love Lip Cheek and Eye Tint Stick or Live Tinted Huesticks are beautiful low maintenance, easy to apply products that give you a beautifully flushed complexion and just-bitten lips… and all you need are your fingers if you’re in a rush.”

Well, we also summarize some new trends products from brands in the market. You can click this file to down it.

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